Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hello again friends.  I know its been a while since I posted.  I want to talk tonight about another sign of clinical depression: insomnia.  Obviously as I write this it is on my mind since I have it now and cannot sleep regardless of how tired I feel.  Insomnia can cause more anxiety and more time for your mind to "run", instead of resting. I don't have an answer for this except to say there is a verse in the Bible (I can't find it right now) that assures us of a good night's sleep/rest.  So on a positive note, I will stand on God's promise to give me a good night's sleep.  I will go back to bed and know that sleep will come. 

When sleep doesn't come, I have found the best use of that time is to be in prayer or to read the Word.  There is a sense of peace that comes over you when you spend time in the word and prayer, communing with God.

Hope everyone gets a good night sleep.  Good night, M.

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