Saturday, December 3, 2011

Peaceful Sheep

One sign of clinical depression is a lack of patience, which is really a lack of inner peace.  I easily get irriated these days with small things like a crowded store, several people in a line, my kids bickering amongst themselves.  It is as unpleasant a feeling for me and I am sure it makes people around me uncomfortable as well. 

On a positive note, I heard a study on sheep.  I can't remember the name of the show I heard it on, but it really got me thinking about sheep.  Sheep seem to me to be very calm and peaceful animals.  When I think of sheep, I think of their white fuzzy shapes on a hillside or in a field grazing peacefully.

Sheep are commonly thought of as dumb animals.  However, sheep know the sound of one voice, their shepherd.  Their shepherd is their savior.  He keeps them safe.  He leads them to food and water and leads them into the safety of the sheepfold at night.  When they hear his voice, they move to him.  I want to be like a sheep; follow my Shepherd's voice.  I know God will lead me to green pastures and cool water and to safety.

Later on that day, I found a wool sweater with sheep on it at a local thrift store.  I bought it to wear and remind myself to follow Jesus like a sheep.

Peacefully, M.

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