Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anxiety - Part 2

If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I was having a great deal of anxiety.  I made it through with no major meltdowns :)  I kept busy.  I had a charming visit with a lady from my church.  I did some cleaning.  I fixed a broken bookshelf by myself. Of course I had a nap.  I made homemade soup for dinner.  My Nanny used to always tell me that staying busy was good for the mind.  I believe she is right.  Still on the job hunt, nothing new there yet.

Did you know that there were several great servants of God who suffered from depression and anxiety.  Moses told God he couldn't speak well enough and wanted his brother to do it for him.  David, a man after God's own heart, suffered at times with depression.  I believe it was Elijah (please don't quote me on that) who went out in the desert to be alone in his depression.  So those of us who suffer from depression are in good company. 

The positive news:  God led all of them out of their depression.  He will do the same for us.  Thank you Lord for your help.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

In Christ,

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