Friday, November 18, 2011

The Perfect Storm

If you get a chance, watch Wednesday's with Beth Moore on Life Today with James Robison.  This week and last she was talking about the perfect storm.  There was a movie based on a true story about the perfect storm some years ago.  There is also a story in the Bible about Paul and Luke in a boat being hit by the perfect storm.  In general terms, a perfect storm is when you get storms coming at you from different directions hitting all at the the same time. 

Sometimes life is like that.  We are hit by several storms at once.  Depression can feel like that.  You already feel depressed and then the washer breaks, or you lose your job, or kids are failing a class.  You get the picture. 

I write this because I thought it was a good analogy of life and depression.  Maybe it will help someone understand.

Relentlessly in pursuit of our Saviour, M.

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