Saturday, November 12, 2011


Anxiety is a great friend of depression.  It is possible to have one or the other or both.  I happen to have both.  Prime example: both of my daughters have the opportunity to train at a horse camp today.  I am thrilled that they have this opportunity.  However I am very nervous, especially about my youngest one, who doesn't have any riding experience.  I trust the owner/instructor completely and we have been riding with her for over 10 years.  My son is at work and my husband is hunting.  I have a free day to myself.  I thought I would clean the house and work on some Christmas projects while watching a movie.  Then I am making a delicious supper.  Don't forget a nap in there too. LOL  However, my anxiety is making me feel as if I am going to throw up.  Will I be able to enjoy my day without the worry?

Positive news:  I will put my worry in the hands of my God who understands and is in control anyway.  I am certainly not in control.  I will meditate on Psalms 91, which I consider one of the best protection prayers.  Read it yourself and see if it doesn't bring you peace.

Will update on how my day goes later.  Have a wonderful Saturday.

In Christ,

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